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All About PetPro1210

A dog breed specific (and now cats, too!) store featuring the work of Pet Photographer Vincent Strangio. Our dog and cat shirts, sweatshirts, note cards, mousepads and prints are all unique, available only through Vincent Strangio Inc. and of much higher quality than the same stock designs you see in every store. Our tee shirts and sweatshirts are not transfers or screen prints! We use state of the art equipment to print the image directly onto the shirt. The image cannot peel or crack and does not have the rubbery feel of a transfer. The resolution is photo quality and far superior to anything even the best screen prints can do. 100% money back guarantee if you do not absolutely love them!

All About PetPro1210.com

Thanks for taking time to learn out about PetPro1210 and to find out more about our company before you make a buying decision. We are grateful of your interest and we are excited to inform you more about our company!

Welcome New PetPro1210
PetPro1210.com was founded by the McClaskey Family. With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, we know exactly what it takes to gain your confidence in our products and business practice. 

Every day, we talk to hundreds of potential customers looking to promote their upcoming corporate events, new business, sport teams all the way down the line to individual birthday celebrations. We value your interest in our company and we understand what it takes to make an ordinary vinyl banner into a one-of-a-kind work of art to best express their promotional message. 

How to become a PetPro1210 Partner.

PetPro1210 keeps an open mind to when talking to potential partner prospects. We entertain every new and unique way which will help us grow our business. If you think your service could benefit our business or if you simply feel that a partnership will help us both grow and succeed please call us at the number provided at the top of this page.